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August 10, 2010

Champs Plumbing: New Title Sponsor

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Howdy folks! Carson here, I just wanted to let you all know that I’m still around, blogging, meeting with plumbers, doing the family thing, all is well with the Callaways. I wanted to share a bit of information with you all that I’m really excited about. My main blog: Atlanta Plumbers, that many of you know, has recently reached number 1 on Google for the search term Atlanta Plumbers. I’ve been noticed and contacted by a few local companies regarding advertising opportunities on my site and I now have a title advertiser. That company is Champ’s Plumbing and they have plumbing operations in 10 cities across the country. Here are some links to their various locations:

Champs Plumbing Atlanta
Champs Plumbing Houston
Champs Plumbing Dallas
Champs Plumbing Boston
Champs Plumbing San Diego
Champs Plumbing San Jose
Champs Plumbing Sacramento
Champs Plumbing Los Angeles
Champs Plumbing Raleigh
Champs Plumbing Charlotte

I’ve met with a couple of the head honcho’s over there and I must say that they were pretty excited to meet me. It’s nice to be known as both a good plumber and an influential blogger as well. They really wanted to hire me full time to build their internet presence. While this was a new thing to me it did sound intriguing. I may yet consider an expanded role in their company but for now I’m just happy to have a title sponsor for my Atlanta Plumbing blog. There are quite a few other things going on with your friendly neighborhood plumber Carson but that’s pretty much all I have to share at the moment. For those of you who are new to Plumbing Central, let me just say welcome and thanks for stopping by my little corner of cyberspace. As always if any of you all have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me or leave a comment and I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. Have a great day and remember to dream big!


August 6, 2010

A Simple Introduction to Plumbing

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Plumbing is a skilled work that involves working with tubing, plumbing fixtures, and pipes for drainage water system and drinking water system. Plumbers are the people who generally repair or install plumbing fixtures, piping systems, and plumbing equipment like water heaters. Plumbing industry plays an important part in every economy due to the need for garbage disposal, clean water, and proper collection of waste water.

Modern day water supply systems use a network of many high pressure pipes and pumps that are produced from brass, copper, plastic, and other non-toxic material. Vent and drain lines are made from cast-iron, plastic, lead, and steel. Water supply plumbing fixtures are not made from lead due to its toxicity. A straight plumbing system is called tube or pipe. Tubes are made from extrusion and pipes are produced from welding or casting. Pipes are thick walled and tubes are thin walled, therefore tubes require some joining methods such as crimping, compression fitting, brazing, and solvent welding.

Other than straight tubes or pipes, plumbing also require other fittings such as elbows, unions, tees, and valves. Some of the basic tools used are water meters, backflow preventers, pumps, water softeners, wrenches, filters, control systems, and gauges. Due to the advancement in technology latest equipment such as hydro jets, video cameras for inspecting leaks and hydraulic pumps make plumbers work easy.

Wrenches that are used for plumbing are of two major types: fixed and adjustable. Pipe wrenches are mainly used to hold pipes and curved surfaces. Pipe vises are used to cut, ream, or thread pipes. Reamers are used to remove burrs that are inside the pipe. Burrs on the outside are removed by flat file. Some of the categories of plumbing are vents, drains, cold and hot water supply, fuel gas piping, septic systems, and surface water drainage. Most plumbing works are regulated by the government to ensure safety and welfare of its people.

May 23, 2010

Plumbing Resources to Check Out

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Howdy folks. Ok time for some shameless self promotion. I’ve been promoting myself as a blogger now for about 6 months and I have started to make some friends out there in the blogging community. For th most part these people are all really cool. I wanted to share with you all a few sites of some of my new found friends. The first site is called A Bar Home Improvement. They have lots of great information on their site and I would highly encourage you to check out one post in particular called: Plumbing Tips from and Alpharetta Plumber. I’m sure you all can figure out who the Alpharetta plumber in question is on that post 🙂 Yes, for some reason I just think that the information presented in that article is just dead on.

Now let’s give you a few other posts on other sites that are worth your time to check out. If you are in need of Plumbing Advice from the Atlanta Plumbing Expert, then I would suggest that you march right over to Bringing Your Dreams Home. Now I’m sure by now you all are getting the picture here. This is information that I’ve written on other sites and I want you all to go and read that info and let me know what you think. Go ahead and leave a comment on my friend’s sites to let them know how valuable you think the information is  as well and what a huge benefit it is to have it on their site 🙂 I’m sure they will appreciate the visit. I know as a pretty new blogger I always love to check my comments and see that people have actually read all of the stuff that I put out. I know that my friends will likely feel the same way about people coming to their sites.

Now I do of course always try to warn people of getting ripped off by some unscrupulous plumber or plumbing company. So in the article How Plumbers in Atlanta Rip Off Customers, I shared some information for my buddies over at Great Home Improvement Tips. Now this was basically a call to arms for consumers here in the metro Atlanta area. Since I’m sure you’ve heard me talking about this way too much as it is I’ll just leave it at that for this post.

Lastly I want you to go check out one more post on A Bar Home Improvement called Plumbing Tips from a Marietta Plumber. The good folks over at A Bar seem to just love sharing my advice with their readers. While you are over there please make sure to check out some of their other posts on related home improvement topics. The writers over there really know the home improvement industry and good advice is always hard to come by.

Alright folks that’s it for today, once you have checked out a few of those posts be sure to come back and let me know what you think and share your opinion with the rest of the community.

May 14, 2010

My Atlanta Plumbers Blog

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Howdy folks, Carson here.  For those of you who don’t know(how could you not if you’ve been following me for a while), I have another site that gives consumer information called Atlanta Plumbers. When I started this site I thought about just helping consumers by giving some useful tips on how to select an honest plumber.  Since I know first hand that not every company or supposed plumber is reputable in this city I wanted to lend my expertise(for free) to  people to assist them in making a good choice when it comes time to hire a plumbing company. I now have lots of ideas on other things that I could do to help people in Atlanta specifically.  I actually want to take my blog a step further and make it into somewhat of a open forum for consumers and local Atlanta plumbing companies to interact. I’ve got some ideas on how this might best work but I would love to hear some of the ideas that you all have.  If you have any thoughts on the idea by all means please leave a comment and let me know what you think. My ideas are somewhat high level at the moment but something like a “plumbing marketplace” are things that I have thought about. Perhaps consumers could come and give a description of their problem and have several pre-screened licensed plumbers bidding directly on the site for the job.  This could be complete with a review system and everything.  Kind of like a more detailed version of a service magic concept except specifically geared at plumbing. Well the idea is still in the very rough stages of development and I can say that in the event that I start to pursue the idea in earnest I will keep you all updated on how things are coming along. Well that’s all the time I have for now folks.  Have a great weekend! -CC

May 5, 2010

Tips in Replacing a Corner Shower Base

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Mold and rot could rapidly spread in a home due to a leaking shower base. One should consider replacing it before the leak gives you more problems.

Replacing a corner shower base is relatively easy since there are only two walls that encase it. Although it is something that can be done by a person that lack previous DIY experience, anybody who has done a few DIY jobs can easily perform this task.


  • Pry bar
  • Hammer
  • Drain removal tool or needle nose pliers
  • Drill
  • Caulking and caulk gun


  • Using a thin-bladed pry bar and a small hammer, carefully remove the bottom layer of tiles, particularly so if you do not have matching tiles to use as replacement.
  • Unscrew the cover of the drain. Using a tool for drain removal or pliers, unscrew the shower drain from the drain pipe found under the shower tray.
  • Check if the flange of the base is screwed to the walls. If it is, you have to unscrew it.
  • Using a utility knife cut the caulking located over the seam, it is found in the area where the shower pan’s face meets the bathroom floor.
  • Remove the old pan and replace it with a new one.
  • Screw the flanges to the wall.
  • Roll a little bit of plumbers putty into a rope and wrap it around the outer part of the drain opening in the shower base. Insert the drain in the hole and then screw the drain in place. The putty should ooze from around the drain. When the drain is screwed, scrape the putty up, and then replace the drain cover.
  • Caulk the area where the bathroom floor meets the face of the shower pan.
  • Replace the tile you had removed and grout them as soon as the mortar dries up. Finish it up by sealing the grout after 36–48 hours.

Replace leaking shower bases as soon as possible to prevent the possibility of mold infestation in your homes, which could become a serious health threat.

May 3, 2010

What Types of Sewage Ejector Pumps are Available

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There are two basic types of sewage ejector pumps available. Many residences utilize these pumps to move waste water from the home into the main sewer lines. This is often necessary when the home is located at an elevation below the main sewer lines and gravity is not able to remove the waste water from the home.

The first type of ejector sewage pump is the vertical suspended pump. This type of pump is attached to the top of the holding tank. From the pump, a hose or pipe will be ran into the bottom of the well. These types of pumps offer easy access for repairs.

The second type of pump is the submersible sewage ejector pump. These types of pumps are able to be set inside the well completely immersed in the sewage. A series of seals will keep any liquid from reaching the motor. These high-quality pumps can offer many years of dependable service.

Also, with sewage pumps they will either be no clog pumps or grinders. A no clog ejector pump will be able to handle waste which is 2 to 4 inches in diameter. The sewage grinder ejector pump, on the other hand, acts much like a garbage disposal and will break waste up into much smaller pieces before pumping on to the main sewer lines.

A good plumber will always be able to tell you which type of pump is right for your situation. Also, there may be local regulations which require what type of pump may be used in your residence and the size of the pump.

You may be able to install your own sewage ejector pump if you have an extensive knowledge of plumbing. Otherwise, it is wise to hire a professional plumber to do the installation for you. This plumber can also recommend a brand in which they are comfortable installing.

May 2, 2010

What is a Submersible Sewage Pump

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Sewage Pumps have been used for many years to move liquids and semi-liquids from areas of lower elevation to areas of higher elevation. There are many different types of pumps; however, one of the most popular types of pumps is the submersible pump. These types of pumps, such as submersible sewage pumps, are able to be submerged in liquid and still fully function. There are a variety of reasons why a submersible sewage pump is better than a standard pump. Most often, the logistics of using a standard pump will not work. Therefore, a submersible pump must be utilized.

In order for submersible pump to be used, the motor of the pump must be protected from liquids. These motors are often encased in oil inside a plastic or metal housing. In order for the motor to work there must be a system of seals in place for the motor to perform its function and keep liquids from seeping in.

The two most popular types of submersible pumps are single stage pumps and multistage pumps. Simple single stage pumps are typically used for drainage and to move slurry. This would include the submersible sewage pump. More complex multistage pumps are typically used in things like oil wells.

There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing a submersible sewage pump. Four of the main factors to keep in mind are the horsepower of the pump, the discharge size, the maximum discharge pressure, and the maximum expulsion flow. If you are incorporating a submersible pump for residential use it is wise to get the specifications you need from a reliable plumber in order to choose the right submersible pump for your situation.

Submersible pumps play a number of roles in many functions in both residential situations and commercial settings. Submersible pumps can be found in nearly any plumbing supply house.

Common Sewage Pump Problems

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Sewage pumps allow us to build homes in areas where it was once not possible because of the grade. Many municipal sewer lines work because of gravity. At one time, a house could not be built below the sewer because there was no way to get the waste uphill into the main sewer. In today’s world it is quite common for homes to be equipped with a sewage pump to eliminate this problem. However, there are times when these sewage pumps can cause problems. Raw sewage backing up if your sewage pump quits can not only be a headache but can also be a health risk. These problems must be corrected immediately before the plumbing in your household can be used again. The most common problems which cause a sewage pump to stop working is a freeze, clotting, and blocking.

Many sewage pumps are located outside of a home somewhere in the yard. Many parts of the country will experience harsh winters in which the ground will freeze to a certain depth. This frost line must be noted when a sewage pump is installed for a residence. However, there are times when a sewage pump will not be buried deep enough to avoid this freeze. This can cause the waste water in the holding tank of the sewage pump to freeze and not be able to be pumped out. If this is the case, then the tank of the sewage pump will need to be dug up and buried deeper to avoid future freezes.

Clotting is another common problem with sewage pumps. Clotting occurs when a large piece of debris becomes wedged in the pump. This large piece of debris will then start to trap other smaller pieces of debris. In turn, this will lead to finer materials such as dirt and silt to accumulate until the pump is eventually clogged. Clotting may result in the pump starting to run slower and slower. If this is noticed a call to the plumber should be made immediately.

Finally, another common problem can be blocking. This happens when debris or grease accumulates on the float and causes the sewage pump to either continuously run or not run at all. A backup of sewage is usually the first indication that blocking is occurring.

It is always important to call a licensed plumber at the first sign of a problem with your sewage pump, this can often lead to an easy repair and avoid further extensive problems in the future.

The Master Plumber License

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Howdy folks, I wanted to take a quick moment to write a little post for those aspiring plumbers out there or those of you all who are considering a career in plumbing. Now I would like to first say that if you are going to pursue this career then you should absolutely commit to becoming a professional in every sense of the word. At the bare minimum this would require that you obtain a full plumbing license in the state where you wish to work. Why is this important? Well for a lot of reasons actually. Many states have laws that explicitly prohibit non-licensees from advertising or performing certain types of plumbing work. The last thing you want to do is to simply try to make an honest living only to find out that in the process of doing so you are violating state law. This puts you at risk for serious fines and even potential jail time. While the enforcement of these laws is often limited it is always best to be safe when it comes to your livelihood and your freedom. Now in addition to complying with local laws it is also important that you take the time to really learn your craft inside and out. I remember when I started working for a local plumbing company right after I had received my full master plumber license, I was working with a guy who had been in the business over 20 years. Now of course I was in my early 20’s but I had a few years of experience as well and I had just studied my butt off to pass the state licensing exam. Now I bring up this story because on more than one occasion I saw the guy I was working with perform work that was not according to the state specs and guidelines. I had to actually as a new plumber go back and correct this guy’s work. This obviously created somewhat of a tense situation since he was the old hand at this and I was just the young kid on the block. However, over time he realized that he had been doing things incorrectly and when I explained to him why they needed to be changed he eventually came around to seeing things my way. Now I tell this story to make the point that had I not been licensed I would have never known the difference. The guy I was working with was not a licensed master plumber even though he had been in the business over 20 years and was really a very knowledgeable and experienced plumber. He was not a handyman or some guy who was trying to cut corners. He was just doing things the way he always had and it just turned out that a few of those ways were wrong. This is just one example of why it is really actually essential that a plumber take the time to get licensed. This post is getting a little wordy now so I think I will cut it off here but I will continue this discussion in an upcoming post. Thanks for reading!

April 22, 2010

The Advantages of Using Propane Tankless Water Heaters

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Don’t look now but traditional water heaters may soon be on their way out. With the increasing energy costs, many homes and businesses are now turning to propane tankless water heaters. There are a lot of reasons why the switch from traditional water heaters to tankless water heaters is occurring. The most important reason behind this is the lower energy consumption of using a tankless propane heater. These heaters have also been designed to facilitate precise temperature control aside from having the right size to fit in any space.

With the rising costs of natural gas, it is very practical to rely on a tankless water heater instead of its a traditional counterpart. With a propane tankless heater, one does not have to keep 50 gallons of hot water overnight which can be such a waste since not all of the water is needed. Users of tankless heaters can get their hot water when they need it. It has been proven that using a one can save up to 30% in energy costs rather than using a traditional water heater.

Most tankless propane water heaters are also compact so there is no need to worry about the space. Some of the newer models are at least half the size of the conventional water heater. While the size has been reduced, the features and benefits have been increased. There are models having a digital display which shows the right temperature of the water. Users can also set their desired water temperature with most of today’s propane tankless water heaters. There is also no problem with troubleshooting tankless heaters since most models come with a self diagnostic system.

The abovementioned qualities of propane tankless water heaters have made them even more appealing compared to traditional water heaters. No wonder many households and businesses are expected to use these heaters in the years to come.

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