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Welcome to Plumbing Central! This blog is designed to provide useful information for home-owners and anyone who is trying to learn a little bit about plumbing. There is quite a bit to learn and I am a very willing teacher so I will do my best to take you step by step through the process of troubleshooting and repairing several common plumbing problems. My name is Carson Callaway and I am a former Atlanta plumber. Be sure to check out my other blog where I do reviews of plumbing companies and plumbers in the metro Atlanta area. If you are looking for an Alpharetta plumber or plumbers in Marietta, you won’t find a better resource anywhere on the internet. I run two blogs because I wanted to try and allow this blog to get a little more exposure by being on the wordpress domain. I really like wordpress and if you aren’t familiar with wordpress it is a free blogging software that you can use to host websites or run blogs on the domain. It is really cool and is very user friendly even for the non-techie. I would recommend it if you are trying to make a little impact on the internet. There are lots of great tutorials available and although it might seem a little overwhelming at first it does get easier pretty quickly. OK that’s all for now I hope that you enjoy reading my blog and if you have any questions or want to provide any feedback on any of the information presented in the blog don’t hesitate to leave a comment anywhere. Even if you just want to say Hello I will try to respond to all comments as soon as I possibly can. Plumbing is a great industry and I’m just honored to have the opportunity to share a little bit of my knowledge with all of you. Thanks for reading!



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