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August 6, 2010

A Simple Introduction to Plumbing

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Plumbing is a skilled work that involves working with tubing, plumbing fixtures, and pipes for drainage water system and drinking water system. Plumbers are the people who generally repair or install plumbing fixtures, piping systems, and plumbing equipment like water heaters. Plumbing industry plays an important part in every economy due to the need for garbage disposal, clean water, and proper collection of waste water.

Modern day water supply systems use a network of many high pressure pipes and pumps that are produced from brass, copper, plastic, and other non-toxic material. Vent and drain lines are made from cast-iron, plastic, lead, and steel. Water supply plumbing fixtures are not made from lead due to its toxicity. A straight plumbing system is called tube or pipe. Tubes are made from extrusion and pipes are produced from welding or casting. Pipes are thick walled and tubes are thin walled, therefore tubes require some joining methods such as crimping, compression fitting, brazing, and solvent welding.

Other than straight tubes or pipes, plumbing also require other fittings such as elbows, unions, tees, and valves. Some of the basic tools used are water meters, backflow preventers, pumps, water softeners, wrenches, filters, control systems, and gauges. Due to the advancement in technology latest equipment such as hydro jets, video cameras for inspecting leaks and hydraulic pumps make plumbers work easy.

Wrenches that are used for plumbing are of two major types: fixed and adjustable. Pipe wrenches are mainly used to hold pipes and curved surfaces. Pipe vises are used to cut, ream, or thread pipes. Reamers are used to remove burrs that are inside the pipe. Burrs on the outside are removed by flat file. Some of the categories of plumbing are vents, drains, cold and hot water supply, fuel gas piping, septic systems, and surface water drainage. Most plumbing works are regulated by the government to ensure safety and welfare of its people.


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