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April 13, 2010

Don’t Get Taken When Hiring a Plumber

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Invariably, there will come a time when the need arises for a professional plumber. Many homeowners can handle the bulk of their plumbing needs themselves. However, many homeowners have neither the knowledge or desire to complete these plumbing projects themselves. When this occurs, a professional plumber must be called to complete the work for them. Many people do not like to hire service professionals because they’re not sure how to go about the entire process. Those home-owners who keep a home warranty can often lean on the warranty company to help, however, the rest of us must do it the old fashioned way. The process of hiring a plumber can be boiled down to asking for referrals, getting estimates, and demanding a warranty.

The best way to find a plumber who will not take advantage of you is to use one who is used by others you know. Ask friends and family if they know of a good plumber that they have used or perhaps a friend of theirs has used. Many very good plumbers receive the bulk of their work through referrals. They know that pleasing a customer will lead to more customers and cut down on their advertising costs. Plumbers who receive a lot of referrals strive for customer satisfaction.

Also, when looking for a plumber to complete a job you should always get at least three estimates. Do not simply go with the lowest estimate. The plumber who provides the lowest estimate may actually do very good work; however, many times to achieve a lower bid plumbers will cut corners to reduce overhead. Even if the plumber you would like to hire is the most expensive you may be able to use the other bids to negotiate a lower price.

Finally, no matter whether it is plumbing or any other job around your home you should always ask for a warranty. If a plumber is not receptive to the idea of warrantying their work, you may need to move on to another plumber. A good plumber should always stand behind their work and guarantee your satisfaction.



  1. Screen the plumbers in your local area first and choose the best one among them, by verifying his license and past work experience.

    Online home improvement portals are very helpful to find the professional plumber at your door step. This portal helps us to find more quotations for required projects with affordable price.

    Comment by Geffmars — April 13, 2010 @ 5:53 am

  2. I wrote an article on this very topic too that points out warning signs when hiring a plumber. It’s called “How not to get shot by a drive-by plumber” and it can be found here at:

    Comment by Heather — April 13, 2010 @ 6:23 pm

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