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April 7, 2010

Multimeter Usage

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Howdy readers! How has the wordpress community been doing? I’ve been busy lately with a few of my other blogs but I didn’t want to neglect my wordpress readership.  So here we are with another plumbing/home improvement tip.  Now as a home service professional there are some basic things that any and everyone should know regardless of their individual specialty areas. One of those things in how to use a multimeter. Now these devices are used in many lines of home service and repair including electrical, plumbing, hvac, and others. Needless to say its something that is important to feel comfortable using. As I was cruising around Youtube I found a nice video that I wanted to share with you all.  Check it out:

This should equip you with the basics on using a multimeter. As always if you folks have any questions just drop me a comment. Also if you have any material that you would like to see covered on this blog you can let me know as well. I try to cover things that I think can be somewhat universally useful but if you all tell me that you want to know more about trenchless sewer line repair or more hard-core plumbing topics I’ll be glad to write on those as well.  Let me know what you are interested in learning and I will be more than willing to do my best to help teach. OK, that’s it for today folks, until next time, its your neighborhood Atlanta plumber, Carson signing off.


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