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March 15, 2010

Master Plumber/Blogger

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Hello world! I would like to take a quick moment to give a big Congratulations to my buddy John, who has a home improvement blog; he and his wife Sherry just welcomed a healthy happy baby boy into the world. Little Michael Anthony weighed in at a stout 9 lbs. 2 oz and was 21 inches long. Yes he was a big one. We gave them our crib so little Michael will have someplace comfortable to sleep when he gets home from the hospital. I’m heading out later today and I’ll be finding a cheap mattress set to place in our guest room now. Now of course my wife wants me to spring for the latest and greatest king size memory foam mattress, but you all know that I don’t like to spend any unnecessary money. Remember this is going into the guest room. You see I feel like the guest room should be comfortable and all but not too comfortable if you know what I mean. I want that to be a place for guests, short term guests. If we make that room too comfortable I am afraid that these guests will turn into something else. So  I think I’ll be sticking with the cheap mattresses.  Wish me luck!
So I got an email the other day from a good buddy of mine who knows quite a bit about blogging and he gave me some great resources on getting myself out there as a blogger. I wanted to share one of those resources with you. You may remember that a while back I mentioned something called a blog carnival. Well at the time I had no idea what that was but after reading that email I know a little more and I thought that I should make a post about it to let some of my readers know about it as well. Now there aren’t a whole lot of plumbing bloggers out there but I have met a few. One guy by the name of Steve has a cool blog called Plumbing Info. Steve’s info is down right excellent and once you read the tips he is giving over there I am sure you will add his blog to your reading list as well. Now I have digressed from my initial point about blog carnivals. So what are they? Well they are kind of like a place for bloggers to network and share resources. There is a cool site that specializes in them; suprise suprise the url: Go and check it out, I’m going to be entering a few of my best posts in the carnival and we’ll see how I come out. I’ll keep you all posted. Well that’s all for today, thanks for reading!


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