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February 7, 2010

Sewage Pumps

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Hey folk’s, I found a simply fantastic resource on sewage pumps that I just had to share with all of my readers. It is an article from the site Plumbing Point called the Sewage Pump Guide. If you are at all interested in learning about sewage pumps I would absolutely recommend that you check out that article and read it top to bottom. After having worked in the plumbing industry for several years I can tell you that this article is by far the best material that I have ever read on the topic.
To give you a little information on what a sewage pump is let me try to explain the basic plumbing concepts behind its need and use. Many of you are familiar with a certain European who lived several hundred years ago, a guy who went by the name of Isaac Newton. Well among other things Newton is credited with discovering the scientific concept we now call gravity. As the story goes an apple fell from a tree striking Newton on his noggin, triggering the “light bulb” moment which prompted his presentation of the concept gravity. OK so you are now probably thinking that I went off on some tangent but in actuality I haven’t. Sewage pumps were developed to counteract or battle against gravity. Since most plumbing systems rely on gravity to move sewage waste down pipes and into the main sewage lines, gravity is a major part of plumbing education. Now in many cases the waste is actually below the sewage line. In cases like this, you need to pump the waste up to the height where the main sewage line exists. In this situation you need a sewage pump.

OK, so now that you know the basics you can check out that site to find even more information.


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